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Bella's Way Equine Rescue was established in 2011 after taking in our first horse, Bella. She was a 16-year old Thoroughbred mare that was severely under weight and recovering from Strangles.

Our rescue is 100% volunteer-based and we do not received any state or federal funding. Most of our funds come from our own personal expenses and any donations that we receive go directly to the animals in our care. 

When we feel that the animals can be placed in a home, any potential adopters are carefully screened and the animal goes out with a contract. We also reserve the right to review any potential adopters facilities prior to adoption.

It is the goal of Bella's Way Equine Rescue to insure that every animal that is rescued... will never have to be rescued again.
Bella's Way Equine Rescue is a Proud Member of the Humane Society of the United States 
"Safe Stalls Program".
Why Begin a Horse Rescue Organization?

Many horses are owned as companion or sport animals rather than as a working part of a farm or other business.

They are subjected to the same forms of mistreatment as cats, dogs, and other companion animals. They are victims of outright neglect. They are sometimes abandoned in fields or left locked in barns. 
The Safe Stalls program is a nationwide network of horse rescues, professionals, and enthusiasts who provide emergency care and shelter for horses in cruelty or natural disaster situations. 

The Humane Society of the United States administers Safe Stalls to address the critical needs of horses nationwide.
Looking to Get Involved?

You can now help by donating supplies directly to our horses here at Bella's Way Equine Rescue. Thank you for your help and support!
They are whipped, beaten and kicked into "submission". They fall victim to poor health as a result of inadequate care from well-meaning, but uneducated owners. And they are subjected to one cruelty our dogs and cats are not... the slaughter house. 

Bella's Way Equine Rescue provides a safe haven for mistreated, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys. We also take in horses whose owners can no longer care for them. Bella's Way Equine Rescue in essence provides the same services as a human organization dedicated to house pets, just on a "larger" scale.