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  • Bellas Way Decal

    www.bellasway.com Decal in White or Pink

  • Casserole Carrier

    These are amazing and extremely handy to have. Casserole carries can fit square, rectangle or circle dishes and work great! They are hand made by one of our awesome volunteers.

  • D-Ring Belt

    One of our amazing volunteers is making these great D-Ring belts they are 42" long and fit women sizes 2-10. There are a few different patterns so please contact us and let us know which one you would like.

  • Hay Bale Donation

    Donation towards a bale of hay for the horses in our rescue.

  • Horse Hair Bracelet

    We only have one left currently but it was made from the hair of one of our horses that passed away. (Franklin) As far as the horse hair bracelets we will have more they will just be made to order and have a short turn around period to have made and shipped.